Nisa East is an award winning camerawomxn & director from Australia, based in New Orleans. 

She has directed and shot documentary, music, dance, and branded commercial work around the world. She has shot work for Solange Knowles, Preservation Hall, Thrillist, Saint Heron, National Park Services, Krewe Du Optic and DANDY Magazine. She is foremost a collaborator, and brings together a team of talented creators & makers who push the boundaries of their craft to produce conscious media.  A team that brings unique style to the imagery & integrity to the art of storytelling.

Nisa balances paid work with not-for-profit, creative projects. Working with local artists, musicians & creatives that share the same curiosity for the world. These experimental projects, and the magic of untethered creative collaboration, permeate her work, and her visual language taps into the shared human experience.

She understands that every project is unique and can provide an creative approach & budget to fit specific needs. Get in touch if you have a story to share.